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Recommended Seasonal Dishes


Recommended Course/Set 1
Autumn Kama-meshi (Japanese Paella) Set 2,500 yen

In October, we are serving dishes that will bring back fond memories of this coming chilly season.
We hope you enjoy those fruits of autumn.




Recommended Course/Set 2
Feast of Autumn Set 1,980 yen

Recommended Hotpots
› Udonsuki (Udon Noodle Hotpot) 2,500 yen
› Chanko-nabe (Mixed Hotpot) 1,980 yen
› Japanese Pork Shabu-shabu 1,680 yen

Udon Noodle Hotpot




Banquet Room A

Enjoy your meal in a relaxing and comfortable atmosphere.

For privacy or large groups, private tatami rooms for 2 to 40 persons are available..

Table Seating

Banquet Room B
œTable Seating
œJapanese Tatami Rooms
œJapanese Style Banquet Room